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Qube houses over 50 innovative companies

Qube adapts to the requirements and evolution of companies

We are very proud of the advances of our RNAi technology carried out at laboratories and offices at Qube.

Ana Isabel Jiménez – Sylentis

Qube has allowed us to grow as a CRO and effectively adapt our preclinical toxicology infrastructures to our needs to obtain the certifications of adherence to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), ISO 9001 and FDA norm 21CFR Part 11.

Andres Konig – Vivotecnia Research

Qube has allowed me to rapidly and effectively initiate my activity in the development of medical devices with minimal investment.

Arcadio García de Castro – Helicon Medical

In Qube we have found the ideal environment for the development and expansion of out company focused on the expression and production of recombinant proteins in plants.

Isabel Bronchalo – Agrenvec

Reference Technology Park for innovative companies in the Madrid area